The betrayal of “Science”

Science has let us down. It has provided computers and smart phones and internet and nuclear bombs and spaceships, but the world is far worse than it ever has been in terms of happiness and well-being – which is what everyone apparently wants.

Science says you’re merely a biological organism and reasoning is done as a result of electrical impulses following predetermined pathways in the brain that become “hard-wired” and are based upon input from the sensory receptors, established by strands of DNA molecules.

There is no spirit or soul and therefore, quite logically, such things as religion, art, love, reason, ethics, agreement, awareness, even happiness itself are simply biological reactions of the endocrine system – a response to a stimulus.

If there were a devil, that’s how he would operate. He would convince you that you have no life and you are an utter slave to the arbitrary reactions of the physical world. He would make politicians and “authorities” believe that the common man must be controlled, punished, drugged and regulated to override is “stimulus-response”. He would make you an utter slave.

My purpose in life is to invalidate this philosophy and validate the spiritual side of man through my stories.

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