How do you figure out the Mind?

Let’s move back to 1940.


I believe the state of the art for a computer was an analytical engine. It was completely mechanical.

I don’t know how it works, but apparently it calculated like a calculator.

Which brings up my point.

OK, someone give this to you. Now you have to figure out how it works.

You have no previous experience, no “manual”, no directions. The inventor and any of his colleges are no longer around. You have no Boolean number system, no programming language. All you know is that you are told that his machine is not computing correctly and so you have to figure out – not only how it works, but whether or not something is wrong with it.

Now, let’s make it a little harder.

A new Fast Dell Precision 5510 i7-6820HQ, Nvidia Quadro M1000M; 256GB; SSD; 16GB DDR4 Mobile Workstation. Is handed to you in 1900. I’m not talking some genius or engineering sage. Just you.

You gonna figure it out?

You don’t even know that there is such a thing as an “on” button. If you happened to push it, imagine your astonishment at the LED Screen coming to life and why it suddenly turned off (when the battery is dead).

I suppose that is what high life forms in this universe would see in us – assuming there are of course – and of course there are!

Also, there’s a thing called a body. It’s about 1000 times more complicated than a Dell Precision Workstation. Just look at its CPU (Brain). We’ve been at it at least a few centuries and still can’t figure out how it works. Furthermore, can the Dell repair itself, or reproduce itself?

Yeah, the technology is mind boggling. Physical Science is great.

But now, let’s make it 1000 times more incredible:

Make a computer that is “aware” – not stimulus/response aware, but simply aware. Now add a mind that can “reason”- not stimulus response, but reasonable.

These are qualities that we all possess, but cannot even approach because our “scientists” refuse to even acknowledge these qualities exist.

Welcome to the next frontier:

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