Remember the Heaven’s Gate Cult? The folks who committed suicide to rendezvous with the spaceship behind the Hale Bop Comet and move to a higher level of existence?

I’m using the most absurd example I can think of. But here we go:

What if they had told the truth? What if they in fact had rendezvoused with that spaceship after their mass suicide and were now thriving on a new higher plane of existence. And what if the member who stayed behind were to stand out on the street corner with a megaphone and give us this “truth”. What would we have done with it?

We would have declared him crazy of course – possibly a murderer. Maybe we would put him in a state hospital and load him up with enough Thorazine to make him “sane” again. But what if WE are wrong?

Well from where we are sitting, we just can’t tell. You can roll your eyes and say, “everybody knows they were some crazy cult”, but you don’t know that, you can’t know that. You can’t go behind that comet and take a look for yourself, so frankly you just don’t know. You can declare yourself an Anti-Heavensgatist and preach how they were misguided beings lead by an evil man and you’d probably get a whole lot of agreement, but so what? You still don’t know.

So what if we ARE wrong and they were right? Would we be able to “see” their truth? No way. Our vision would never penetrate the boundaries of our own dearly beloved principles and philosophies, confined as we are by our scientific laws and religious doctrines and economic principles and pet philosophies. This, despite the fact that our planet is continually at war; poverty is rampant; our “mental health” problems are escalating out of control according to our “mental health” professionals and the billions of dollars drug industry (how convenient); we’re destroying our environment with emissions and polluting it with plastics; racism is rampant (according to the media), our pseudo leaders (i.e. politicians) are completely nuts (but very wealthy); etc. etc.

So how do we deal with this dilemma?

Now far be it for me to add my solutions to the overflowing mishmash of dearly held and ferociously defended opinions and pseudo-facts, but allow me to suggest the possibility that from the position we are in, we just can’t see it.

The truth would obviously be something we’re not thinking or agreeing with. In fact, it MUST be something we are entirely avoiding – otherwise things would be peachy here on Earth and we would all be living in harmony: the environment would be clean, the kids and their parents wouldn’t be on drugs, war would be absurd, racism would be laughable; rape would be unfathomable; stealing would make no sense; murder would be illogical….

Wait! We already know all this, deep down we KNOW this. Then why…

Something is in control and is causing all this irrational behavior beyond our sense of reason – literally bypassing our native ability to think and unknowingly, to us, enforcing its commands.

So, I will deal with it in a way that won’t push anyone’s buttons or cause the equivalent of a democrat/republican vicious war of blame.

I’ll just make up an entertaining story – a fiction story.

It will explain literally EVERYTHING – because that would be a great story!

And it won’t make you wrong or contest you’re dearly held beliefs.

It’s just a cool story about me and the lovely Professor Espree – a free spirit.

It’s called “Total Amnesia