The betrayal of “Science”

Science has let us down. It has provided computers and smart phones and internet and nuclear bombs and spaceships, but the world is far worse than it ever has been in terms of happiness and well-being – which is what everyone apparently wants.

Science says you’re merely a biological organism and reasoning is done as a result of electrical impulses following predetermined pathways in the brain that become “hard-wired” and are based upon input from the sensory receptors, established by strands of DNA molecules.

There is no spirit or soul and therefore, quite logically, such things as religion, art, love, reason, ethics, agreement, awareness, even happiness itself are simply biological reactions of the endocrine system – a response to a stimulus.

If there were a devil, that’s how he would operate. He would convince you that you have no life and you are an utter slave to the arbitrary reactions of the physical world. He would make politicians and “authorities” believe that the common man must be controlled, punished, drugged and regulated to override is “stimulus-response”. He would make you an utter slave.

My purpose in life is to invalidate this philosophy and validate the spiritual side of man through my stories.

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Remember the Heaven’s Gate Cult? The folks who committed suicide to rendezvous with the spaceship behind the Hale Bop Comet and move to a higher level of existence?

I’m using the most absurd example I can think of. But here we go:

What if they had told the truth? What if they in fact had rendezvoused with that spaceship after their mass suicide and were now thriving on a new higher plane of existence. And what if the member who stayed behind were to stand out on the street corner with a megaphone and give us this “truth”. What would we have done with it?

We would have declared him crazy of course – possibly a murderer. Maybe we would put him in a state hospital and load him up with enough Thorazine to make him “sane” again. But what if WE are wrong?

Well from where we are sitting, we just can’t tell. You can roll your eyes and say, “everybody knows they were some crazy cult”, but you don’t know that, you can’t know that. You can’t go behind that comet and take a look for yourself, so frankly you just don’t know. You can declare yourself an Anti-Heavensgatist and preach how they were misguided beings lead by an evil man and you’d probably get a whole lot of agreement, but so what? You still don’t know.

So what if we ARE wrong and they were right? Would we be able to “see” their truth? No way. Our vision would never penetrate the boundaries of our own dearly beloved principles and philosophies, confined as we are by our scientific laws and religious doctrines and economic principles and pet philosophies. This, despite the fact that our planet is continually at war; poverty is rampant; our “mental health” problems are escalating out of control according to our “mental health” professionals and the billions of dollars drug industry (how convenient); we’re destroying our environment with emissions and polluting it with plastics; racism is rampant (according to the media), our pseudo leaders (i.e. politicians) are completely nuts (but very wealthy); etc. etc.

So how do we deal with this dilemma?

Now far be it for me to add my solutions to the overflowing mishmash of dearly held and ferociously defended opinions and pseudo-facts, but allow me to suggest the possibility that from the position we are in, we just can’t see it.

The truth would obviously be something we’re not thinking or agreeing with. In fact, it MUST be something we are entirely avoiding – otherwise things would be peachy here on Earth and we would all be living in harmony: the environment would be clean, the kids and their parents wouldn’t be on drugs, war would be absurd, racism would be laughable; rape would be unfathomable; stealing would make no sense; murder would be illogical….

Wait! We already know all this, deep down we KNOW this. Then why…

Something is in control and is causing all this irrational behavior beyond our sense of reason – literally bypassing our native ability to think and unknowingly, to us, enforcing its commands.

So, I will deal with it in a way that won’t push anyone’s buttons or cause the equivalent of a democrat/republican vicious war of blame.

I’ll just make up an entertaining story – a fiction story.

It will explain literally EVERYTHING – because that would be a great story!

And it won’t make you wrong or contest you’re dearly held beliefs.

It’s just a cool story about me and the lovely Professor Espree – a free spirit.

It’s called “Total Amnesia


How do you figure out the Mind?

Let’s move back to 1940.


I believe the state of the art for a computer was an analytical engine. It was completely mechanical.

I don’t know how it works, but apparently it calculated like a calculator.

Which brings up my point.

OK, someone give this to you. Now you have to figure out how it works.

You have no previous experience, no “manual”, no directions. The inventor and any of his colleges are no longer around. You have no Boolean number system, no programming language. All you know is that you are told that his machine is not computing correctly and so you have to figure out – not only how it works, but whether or not something is wrong with it.

Now, let’s make it a little harder.

A new Fast Dell Precision 5510 i7-6820HQ, Nvidia Quadro M1000M; 256GB; SSD; 16GB DDR4 Mobile Workstation. Is handed to you in 1900. I’m not talking some genius or engineering sage. Just you.

You gonna figure it out?

You don’t even know that there is such a thing as an “on” button. If you happened to push it, imagine your astonishment at the LED Screen coming to life and why it suddenly turned off (when the battery is dead).

I suppose that is what high life forms in this universe would see in us – assuming there are of course – and of course there are!

Also, there’s a thing called a body. It’s about 1000 times more complicated than a Dell Precision Workstation. Just look at its CPU (Brain). We’ve been at it at least a few centuries and still can’t figure out how it works. Furthermore, can the Dell repair itself, or reproduce itself?

Yeah, the technology is mind boggling. Physical Science is great.

But now, let’s make it 1000 times more incredible:

Make a computer that is “aware” – not stimulus/response aware, but simply aware. Now add a mind that can “reason”- not stimulus response, but reasonable.

These are qualities that we all possess, but cannot even approach because our “scientists” refuse to even acknowledge these qualities exist.

Welcome to the next frontier:

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Spiritual Amnesia

If I told you why you are here on Earth, you would completely freak out.

You would call me insane, deranged, depraved or loony.

You would walk away rolling your eyes or shaking you head in dismissal as you chuckle to yourself and think what a nut.

After a while you would feel a slight headache. You would blame it on the food you ate, the stress at work or possibly the glare of the sun, but you would never attribute it to the fact that I told you why you are here on Earth or the hidden fact that I tapped a tiny piece of your amnesia.

I hear they used to crucify people on this planet who tap your amnesia. Now days they just turn their minds to mush with drugs and electroshock. It doesn’t create a big scene that way.

That is what happens when you begin to tap the amnesia; you freak out.

That is why you have amnesia.

To know the truth is prohibited in this universe but you did know everything once; then you spotted a tiny little light and decided to shrink yourself down until you were small enough to inspect it. Then you noticed it was hollow and you entered this universe. And then you were given amnesia…

And now you are here you are, eons later, thinking I’m crazy.

So, I will tell you a story and try to make it interesting and innocuous enough to keep you from freaking out.

I will tap your amnesia in small doses. Then, when you are ready, you can begin your journey through the clouds of amnesia to the clear sky, where you will experience the freedom you once knew.

A spirit is totally free.

He can create anything he pleases, experience anything he desires and do anything he wants.

You can’t control a spirit unless you convince him that he is a physical body.

You can’t convince him he is a body unless you create amnesia of his spiritual existence.

This can only be achieved by devious and oppressive means.

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