Total Amnesia – J.W. Northrup

Total Amnesia

Total Amnesia

If I told you why you are here on Earth, you would completely freak out.

You would call me insane, deranged, depraved or loony.

You would walk away rolling your eyes or shaking you head in dismissal as you chuckle to yourself and think, “Jeez, what a nut.”

After a while you would feel a slight headache. You would blame it on the food you ate, the stress at work or possibly the glare of the sun, but you would never attribute it to the fact that I gave you a little sliver of truth about why you are here on Earth. Nor would you ever suspect the hidden fact that I tapped a tiny piece of your amnesia.

​That is what happens when you begin to tap the amnesia; you freak out.​

That is why you have amnesia.

To know the truth is prohibited in this universe…

You did know everything once – an eternity ago.

You spotted a tiny little light and decided to shrink yourself down until you were small enough to inspect it. Then you noticed it was hollow and you entered this universe.

And then you were given amnesia…

​Total Amnesia​​

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