The Brainography Manual – J.W. Northrup

The Brainography Manual

The Brainography Manual


Sit back and enjoy a satirical story and mockery of our modern Mental Health System.

Brainography takes the “scientific” viewpoint of the brain to its “logical” conclusion.

Mind you, no one seems to know how the brain works, what exactly causes “depression” or Schizophrenia.” There’s no “depression-ectomy” because we have no idea “where” or how it happens.

Until Brainography.

Volume 1 will address:

REPUBLICAN DISORDER: You will understand WHY both sides of the political contest have NO ability to reason and will only defend their own view.

RIOT DISORDER: Find out what causes this strange computation in the brain.

POLICE DISORDER: Go ahead, defund the police, but first apply Brainography to society as a whole. That done, the police will not be needed.

I’M DEPRESSED DISORDER: Learn about the mutated circuit in the brain and why drugging, analyzing, and pandering to emotion does exactly nothing.

I’M WRONG DISORDER: Find out how this destructive disorder operates on one’s ability to decide and reason.

INTROVERSION DISEASE: Why does one introvert on themselves and self-evaluate themselves to death.

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