About J.w.

" The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence "

Nicole Tesla

About J.W.

I have spent much of my life studying the human mind and spirit.

My studies have always been based upon observation rather than on authorities and opinion. My youth was spent playing sports and in the outdoors – much of it with my father – wandering through the beauty of the high mountains, feeling the tranquility of the outdoors and the sense of adventure that comes therein, only to return to the dissonance and conflicts, the rules and regulations of modern civilization. And I believe because of that, I developed a rather exterior view of life.

I began writing in the mid 80’s. Back then I was literally writing as a professional calligrapher. As a result, my works adorn many a wall with a favorite saying or poem.

I then became skilled at the art of 3D modeling in the field of mechanical design for engineers – which was rather ironic as my purpose was not the technical expertise and accuracy they required, but rather, whether or not the models I created were beautiful – which is the artist in me. I got away with it because my models WERE beautiful and because I grudgingly spent the required time to add the technical details that satisfied the requirements of the anal mind of an engineer.

Knowing that my real purposes were somewhat deviant in the field of engineering, I began writing as an outlet for my creativity and my desire to communicate what I have learning in the field of the mind and the spirit and because my life would never be believed unless it was written down on paper.

My fictional stories are always based upon an important social theme but rather than being dogmatic and philosophic, I create a story that is interesting and add to it hyperbole and humor.

My non-fiction is hilarious and self-abasing – much like I am myself on a good day.